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Who Are We

The Debt Support Center, Inc. team is comprised of caring individuals that have years of industry knowledge and in addition, personal real life experience of dealing with situations many of our clients are dealing with today. Our main goal is to provide you with realistic, professional & accurate advice and deliver a variety of options that are custom tailored to fit your particular situation.

Debt Support Center, Inc. is not your typical sales and marketing company. We are not here to “sell” you anything or put you into a program that will not be of benefit to you. Our main goal is to advise and educate you on each of your debt relief options, formulate a realistic plan and overall goal and execute that plan together assisting you each step of the way.

Our attorney networks are comprised of state bar licensed, experienced attorneys that have a true desire and willingness to help consumers get out of debt. Attorneys in our networks have vast experience in a variety of practice areas including Bankruptcy, Debt Relief, Finance, Litigation, Consumer Protection including FDCPA & FCRA, Family Law and many more. Because of this diverse experience, you can rest assured that our network will provide you with superior results that can help achieve your goal of financial freedom.

Our Mission

The staff of Debt Support Center, Inc. as well as the attorneys and law firms involved all have a true passion for helping people resolve their financial obligations. We are dedicated to providing a superior level of customer service and producing results that far exceed our Clients expectations. Our staff truly believes in people deserving second chances. This means if you have fallen on hard times, our staff is here to listen, educate, advocate and formulate a winning strategy so you can return to a debt free standard of living. Our team will become your number one advocate helping you to resolve your debt and get back on your feet financially.

What Makes Us Different

  • We employ some of the brightest minds in the industry that bring years of knowledge and experience to the table which will help you to achieve your personal and financial goals.
  • Our lawyers, law firms and staff have experience negotiating accounts with most unsecured creditors. We have experience negotiating with first party creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers and have a history of successful settlements with almost all of them.
  • We believe in a hands-on approach to handling all of our Clients requests with scheduled monthly check in calls as well as updated day to day communication we may have with creditors.
  • An FDIC insured account can be established for you to ensure your money is safe throughout the Debt Settlement process. Money is transmitted by a well-established 3rd party payment processor and each account that is opened is owned and managed by the Client alone. What this means is you have control, access and visibility on your account 24/7.
  • We can provide you access to attorneys in your state that can advise you personally should the need for legal advice ever arise.
  •  Debt Support Center, Inc. works closely with each lawyer and law firm to ensure every Client participating is receiving maximum results. Our platform allows our attorneys to utilize a streamlined process that is seamlessly executed from enrollment, through program duration all the way to completion. You can rest assured that our process has been tried and tested and as a result, many people have accomplished their goal of becoming debt free.

Services provided by the Debt Support Center, Inc. integrated with the experience and knowledge of our lawyer and law firm partners ensures Clients maximum results.  If you find yourself in debt living paycheck to paycheck or find yourself struggling to make ends meet, call the Debt Support Center, Inc. today to receive a free consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your goals of becoming debt free. Call us at 1-855-600-8681 today or fill out our online form and a representative will contact you directly.

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