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Do you love helping consumers? Do you have an existing financial services organization that is poised to recommend debt settlement options to consumers? We’d like to talk!

Partner with a company that has experience, compliant practices, and some of the best systems in the industry for successfully settling consumer debt.
You Will Receive:

Expert Marketing Advice: Not only are we excellent debt settlement processors to partner with, we also know what it takes to drive successful client acquisition campaigns. As an affiliate, you will gain access to proprietary tools and sales methods that will help you succeed in growing your debt settlement business as a profitable stand alone or supplemental service.

Compliance Training: The debt settlement industry is rife with companies who over promise and under deliver, which has resulted in lawsuits with stiff penalties. We see this as a market advantage for companies like us who do things the right way. When you partner with us for debt settlement processing, you will be in good company and kept abreast of the most compliant ways to present and sell debt settlement.

Generous Revenue Sharing: If you’re good at presenting debt settlement in a compliant fashion by helping consumers, we will reward you with generous revenue sharing. Our affiliates quickly realize that we are interested in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. This means our goal is to on-board the most compliant deals while also sharing the most revenue possible with our affiliate partners. With very low cancellation rates, our affiliates know they can enjoy long-term revenue sharing potential instead of empty promises that never materialize – which are commonplace in our industry.

Want to join the winning team? Reach out, and talk to us (confidentially) today.

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